Plaques have been the mainstay and most traditional form of recognition for decades. And why not? Displayed on a wall they take up little or no space and visitors are able to see the recognition awards. Plus, if you want to display the plaque on a desk or credenza all you need is a small easel. What could be easier?

Traditionally plaques have been made from genuine wood like walnut, cherry, rosewood, and maple. More recently lines of plaques are being made from MDF (multi density fiberboard which is a designer name for press board) and then covered with a foil wrap. The variety of foils has given way to some very creative looking plaques. Be careful, because although the designer plaques are economical, damage the foil and the allure is down the tubes.

With advances in manufacturing methods has come new plaque materials like glass plaques, marble plaques, and acrylic plaques. Couple that with advances engraving technology and you have etched or sand carved glass plaques and marble plaques. Laser engraving as add a totally new dimension because lasers can be used to decorate wood, glass, and acrylic.

Most plaques are available in sizes from 3″ x 5″ up to 12″ by 15″. Custom plaques can always be manufactured. There are also a wide range of decorative painted metal plates that can be engraved and mounted on your plaque. Once decorated, the engraving will show up as polished brass.

As time goes by we will post our most popular plaque awards and our specials.

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