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Name Badges are a great way to promote your company’s name and at the same time identify employees/associates. Some people call them Name Tags, but I think name tags are more the convention printed kind or seminar sticky kind like “hello” tags. Name Badge is more the industry standard terminology. Either way, they are all identification products.

At Gifts & Awards by LSJ we specialize in engraved name badges that are both metal and plastic. Our plastics are all IPI Laserable Plastics that are 2-ply. We find IPI quality to be innovative and top shelf.  The core is one color and the surface is a different color. After engraving the core color shows through and makes the engraving stand out.

Once engraved clients may select a metal or plastic frame to surround the name badge to make it more distinguished. Our standard for a back attachment is a powerful magnet. Some clients prefer a clip back or pin back attachment and we do provide those when requested.

Metal name badges come in a variety of colors that when engraved will show the engraving as polished brass or polished aluminum. The accepted standard is black enamel on the front, but there are also a variety of marbleized colors in blue, red and green textures. There are some metal name badges that have decorative borders and don’t need a frame. Frames and back attachments are the same as they are for plastic.

There’s a brand new name badge frame that is for ladies. The perimeter of the name badge is surrounded with imitation clear stones giving the appearance of diamond bling. The frame is available in silver or gold. The insert color is your choice.

Below you will find an assortment of name badge components so you get the idea of what’s available. It’s a mix and match thing.

As time goes by we will post our most popular name badges and our specials.

Bling Name Badge    Name Badge Frames     Name Badge Frames     Police Name Badges

Magnet Back Attachment     pin back attachmnet     bulldog clip attachment

Name Badge Material     Name Badge Material     Name Badge Material     Name Badge Material

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